Welcome to KOBY Studio


Home of Urban Dance LeedsKing Kompany and VNGO Productions.

KOBY stands for King Of Being You and was established by Sid Raphael, Mimi and Vic 'Lavic' Amango in September 2017.

Here at KOBY Studio, both aspiring and experienced dancers are offered a home where they are given the platform to train and become the best version of themselves, for pleasure and professional purposes alike.

KOBY Studio is a dance studio in Leeds that focuses mainly on Urban, and Cultural/Social dance styles such as Urban / HipHop / StreetDance choreography and freestyle, Popping, Afro and Dancehall, just to name a few. With a touch of 'sister' styles such as Commercial Dance.

It is also the home of Urban Dance Leeds - Leeds' biggest Urban Dance movement that focuses only on Urban, Social and Cultural dance styles, as well as being the home of King Kompany - a dance company that provides high quality training for shows and dance competitions.

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